Clinical detection of bone loss (For Women and Men) up to 40 % sooner.

Unmatched Precision: Patient BMD changes slowly and smaller precision errors lead to shorter patient monitoring intervals. The Lunar Prodigy has been shown to have up to 40% better clinical precision when compared to competing systems.

gymbase-slider1Looking beyond the bathroom scale for accurate measurement of body composition provides valuable information for assessing, monitoring and treating a variety of diseases and disorders. Our system provides for a more complete and precise information that can help support diagnosis and guide treatment.  We also help athletes make decisions on the training regimens they use to achieve the best performance.

Body composition measurement with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) can look beyond weight and the traditional body mass index (BMI) to determine body fat distribution – an important risk factor in a variety of serious diseases including Obesity, Wasting syndrome, Anorexia nervosa, Cystic fibrosis, Clinical renal failure.

Our body composition scans with DXA provides precise and accurate data on bone and tissue composition, including bone mineral density (BMD), lean tissue mass, and fat tissue mass. We provide both total body data and regional results (trunk, arms, legs, pelvis and android/gynoid regions). The measurements are fast and non-invasive.

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