Body Compostion Analysis Screen ShotHow Fit Are You?

What Are You Fit For?

We can answer those questions not with gut feelings or emotions but with some data. Yes, hard core data!

The mission of Technique Lab is to maximize the use of technology in the development and preparation of World-Class sports-persons. The use of the technology will help to properly place athletes in their best events or sports, identify areas of weakness, prevent injuries and improve the way in which the coaches and athletes approach training, preparation and competition. The use of technology replace the speculation that is currently employed by some coaches and move development to the realm of science and objectivity. At Technique Lab, we have the ability to measure the fitness components of body composition, strength, speed, flexibility, agility, reaction time, power, quickness, muscular imbalance, balance, vascular endurance and a lot more. We also monitor these over time thus guiding the athlete and the coach on the progress whether positive or negative.

We offer full-scale Fitness Test and monitoring for athletes at all levels and across all sports. The assessments are also done for the recreational person who needs some guidance in their Do-It-Yourself (DIY) program, whether for fitness or the very tricky weight loss program.

Body Compostion Analysis

Our Body Composition Analysis determines Body Fat %, Weight, Lean Muscle %, Water %, Bone % with great detail and accuracy. The results detail each region of the body (upper body, abdominals, legs, arms etc) to tell you where exactly the excess weight and fat is being stored. This is important information to identify muscular imbalances and assess the extent of asymmetry for the individual. This information will impact on their workout design.

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